There are plenty of travel companies out there, but few serve as anything more than glorified travel agents. We, as Tour Operators who sell directly to the consumer, number among the minority and, to our knowledge, are the only direct-sell tour operators in the marketplace for franchises. Indeed, the only way to book our tours other than through our international division in Vancouver, Canada, is through our franchise system.
  What is the difference between a tour operator and a travel agent?
A tour operator is a company that organizes and runs a tour. An agent is a broker, a middleman between you and the travel company, just like in other industries. Adventures Abroad is more than just a tour operator; we create, manage, market and sell our tours. The only way to purchase an Adventures Abroad tour is directly through us or through one of our appointed franchises.

Will I have to get involved with bookings and all the consequent results of selling travel?
No, all our bookings will be handled by our head office. We feel that this aspect is best left to experts familiar with the operational intricacies involved in selling travel.

If I am not involved in the logistics, then what am I involved in?
Essentially, you will be involved in marketing to groups of people - not to individuals. This will involve advertising in the local market, conducting slide shows (which are advertised in the local press) and contacting alumni societies, senior centres, photographic groups, schools, clubs, etc. We also intend to market one tour in the first year of franchising and two to three trips per year where you will escort the tour.

It sounds complicated, I have not been involved in travel marketing before. What does it entail and what skills do I need?
First and foremost, you must have a love for travel. An ability to talk to people and an enthusiasm for public speaking are real advantages.

Do I have to create my own marketing system?
No. We will provide all the brochures, websites, training videos and slide shows. We will also design ads for specific newspapers.

Do I have to pay for advertising out of my own pocket after the franchise has been paid?
Not for the first two years. By year three, once the bookings are rolling in, we expect 10% of all revenue in your area to be spent on advertising.

Steps to become an Adventures Abroad franchise owner

Speak to people who have travelled with us or travel on a tour yourself!

Visit and review our websites or call us to receive a catalogue
Call company president, Mr Chris Boycott, to find out more about our franchising opportunity.
Fax your Franchise Application form to our head office at 604-303-1076 or email it to Chris Boycott

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