The primary goal of the franchise marketing strategy will be to sell Adventures Abroad tours in the local market by two principle methods:

1. Press Advertising in the travel sections of major newspapers, such as Denver Post, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe or the most well-read newspaper in your area. These tours are commissionable to the franchise if they come about by way of (a) a slide presentation or (b) a departure led by the franchise. We expect two groups in the first year of operation and three groups per year thereafter.

2. Eleven websites providing prices from a specific gateway. It is important to note that each area will be feeding into an already existing infrastructure of scheduled departures. Each website will be aggressively promoted through search engine optimization.

Means of Marketing

1. Contacting local associations, clubs and organizations - like senior centres or affinity groups - to inform the public and facilitate tour bookings. Customizing a specific group departure or succeeding in securing bookings for a schedule Adventures Abroad tour warrants reward by commission.

2. Hosting Further educational travel presentations to school boards, signing up university alumni organizations and pro-moting academic travel, as detailed on our Global Educational Travel Website (

3. Attending community functions to network and encourage local interest.


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