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Since 1987, Adventures Abroad has been exceeding the expectations of travellers from every continent and every walk of life with a unique particular brand of escorted holiday. Our fundamental travel principle of high-quality, small-group tours has kept our clients coming back time and again and with more than 400 itineraries in over 130 countries to choose from, the hardest part of traveling on an Adventures Abroad tour is choosing a destination from so wide a selection.

Adventures Abroad
Villa Holidays

Adventures Abroad Villa Holidays is the ideal option for travellers looking for a combination of comfort, privacy and enchanting surroundings. Offering charming accommodation in villas, apartments, restored farmhouses, hotels, manor and chateaux - in spectacular locations throughout Italy, France, Spain and Portugal, Vacation Properties exhibits some of the most picturesque rural scenery in Europe and acts as a perfect complement to an Adventures Abroad escorted sightseeing tour.
For travellers concerned more with thrills than frills, Adventures Abroad's series of active adventures, is the only way to go. Upholding Adventures Abroad's steadfast commitment to quality, Activa essentially strips down some of our longer-standing, more popular tours, before supercharging them with an infusion of spirit, energy and intensity. Fewer luxuries, more action and increased independence are the hallmarks of Activa tours, our range of fascinating cultural journeys with a twist.
Global Educational Travel
Budget-minded travellers need not despair at the thought of missing out on these experiences-of-a-lifetime, as we can help you organize an unforgettable trip to  your dream destination with our Individual Traveller Budget programme; Just choose when you'd like to go and leave the rest to us!
Canada, Ultimately
Canada, Ultimately takes advantage of Adventures Abroad's exceptional ocean-front property in British Columbia, Canada, along with the area's stellar attractions, to give holidaymakers a vacation to remember. Choose from self-drive holidays, guided tours, independent adventures, Great Canadian Rail journeys, or any number of a multitude of possibilities, and enjoy some of the highlights of Western Canada at a pace that you dictate. We provide itineraries and lists of local activities; you do as much or as little as you'd like.
Adventures Abroad Independent
For those who prefer travelling alone, yet yearn for a degree of structure and organization on their trip, our Independent tours serve as the perfect travel alternative. Like our conventional small-group cultural journeys, our independent tours make use of a broad range of detailed itineraries to exciting destinations across the globe, however, independent travellers have the added flexibility of choosing their own departure dates and travelling companions.

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