Perhaps the greatest resource we can offer is Adventures Abroad itself. We are experts in the field when it comes to travel; not only in terms of creating and running high quality tours, but also in the arena of selling them. We know how to get results and with us behind you, your chances of success in your endeavors are infinitely increased; Not only will we happily foot the cost of periodic advertisements in the travel section of your local newspaper (most likely on a weekly or fortnightly basis), but we will also create and maintain a brand new website for each Adventures Abroad franchise. Moreover, joining with us brings in this franchise opportunity brings with it the potential to be involved in selling other products by companies under the Adventures Abroad umbrella, like villa holidays or last minute holidays.
Resources at your disposal
  • Our comprehensive, 158-page catalogue detailing cultural journeys to 130 countries worldwide
  • A dynamic and exciting catalogue, Activa, with tours specifically geared for the active traveller
  • FieldTrip, an in-depth catalogue of our popular, family-oriented series of trips
  • The highly informative educational travel and alumni catalogues, designed with fun, academic travel in mind
  • Our location-specific publications, such as Americas and Europe
  • Several websites encompassing information about who we are, how we operate and the many travel alternatives we offer clients
  • Our visually striking and enticing series of slideshows

Alumni Bookings
Estimated number of first time bookings: 30

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