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Adventures Abroad Worldwide Travel has been offering high-quality cultural/historical, adventure and special interest tours to hundreds of countries across the globe since 1987. The company's founder and current president, Chris Boycott, gained intimate knowledge of the industry both from his years leading groups on tours to over 30 countries and through his formal education in Hotel Management and Tourism at university in England; he plays an active and integral role in the everyday operations of Adventures Abroad. In adhering closely to the principles of his original vision,  Chris has seen his company grow from its humble beginnings into a diverse family of companies, an evolution that brought with it the means to cater to a broad range of discerning clientele.
With offices in Canada and the UK, Adventures Abroad attracts travellers from all parts of the English-speaking world. Our clients reap the benefits of our modus operandi; we design, run and market our own specialized product, a feature that negates the necessity for agents and 'go-betweens'. This facilitates direct interaction between Adventures Abroad and our clients, resulting in a less-complicated system for effecting travel arrangements for both parties.
We currently employ approximately 25 office staff worldwide, along with a further 30 highly experienced tour leaders, and are fully licensed and bonded in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

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